We never started out wanting to bottle our own milk. We didn’t really consider it to be a possibility until a few years ago. The thing is, we had always just been Dairy Farmers. We milked our cows, the tanker arrived to take the milk to the processing plant and we got a cheque in the mail! It wasn’t until a few years ago that we seriously started considering it as a business option.

We have always know we have amazing milk…not only is it clean – as in no physical dirt or medication in it – but it is also particularly clear of the bacteria that can sometimes be found in raw milk. How do we know?? We test it. Every time the tanker arrives to collect our milk, a sample is taken. We get a cell count and plate count. Generally a lower somatic cell count indicates better animal health, while the bacteria plate count indicates improved equipment sanitation. We have always prided ourselves on having very low readings for both our cell and plate counts and have been recorded as one of the cleanest dairy producers in NSW.

A Word About Our Cows

Posted by on September 10, 2013

We often get asked about our cows. What kind are they? How do we breed them? How many do we have? How much milk do they produce?

Well…. The Pines has been a predominately Holstein herd since the 1950’s when Kels’ Grandfather decided to move on from using the Illawarra Shorthorns and mixed breed cattle that had previously featured in The Pines milking herd. He gained interest in the Holstein breed due to their larger frames, higher quality & quantity of milk, and their ability to adapt to environmental conditions.

The One in Which We Start a Blog

Posted by on September 04, 2013

It’s an idea that been tossed around in our house for a few years now, ‘Lets start a blog and write about what we do. People might be interested in this stuff….right?!’ So here we are, a few years down the track and we’ve finally found time to put some thoughts down for you to share……

Ours is a journey that started some time ago; back in 1854 when an Irishman by the name of George Grey set up his family on a piece of land near Kiama, brought a few cows and started ‘The Pines’. Well, we know it was much harder than that, but you get the idea. Since then a lot has changed but the Greys have remained Dairy Farmers. We are the 6th generation of Dairy Farmer here at The Pines, however, we’re also the first generation to try something just a little bit different……