Spring and Yoghurt!

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on September 02, 2015
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It’s been brought to my attention that there maaaaay have been a noticeable lapse in these blogs…..which is absolutely true, seeing as the last thing I wrote was about having Pasteuriser issues…….


It’s not that I intended to be silent, its just that life got a little busy! For those that follow us on Social Media or see us regularly at markets, none of this will surprise you. But to those that don’t…..Yes, our pasteuriser is working (albeit never in the capacity originally desired – we’ve come to terms with it), we had a crazy busy summer with markets and local supply. We hired our first employee! We had another baby! We passed our yearly audit with flying colours, won GOLD at Sydney Royal, had meetings with important people and generally kept ourselves heads down, bums up for the last little while.

Thankfully, things are starting to resemble normal again. So, in the spirit of spring and with great enthusiasm I am hoping to be a far more active blogger on all things farming. With even greater enthusiasm I would like to introduce our latest product……

Mild and creamy, smooth and delicious, our natural yoghurt is made using milk and cultures. That’s it. No gelatine. No added Milk Solids (Powder). No flavours or preservatives.
It will be available in 800g and 380g at markets and from a selection of retailers (which I will update on the Produce page ASAP – promise!)

The other thing some people have been noticing is a slight difference in the ‘cream’ layer in the milk. There are the normal seasonal variations – obviously in winter our cows are eating different grasses (clover and rye – no fresh growth in the kikuyu) and the fat content absolutely drops during this period. Combine that with a dry winter in general (until last week!) and even the clover and rye were slow growing. The other consideration is that we have recently started bottling up to 6 times a week. Previously we were bottling 3-4 times a week. Sometimes the milk was bottled, then delivered 24-48hours later. This was allowing the cream layer time to settle and making it obviously non-homogenised.
As demand has increased we have been able to include more frequent bottlings – we’re now bottling in the morning and delivering that day. Literally, straight from the cow. So milk bought at the Wednesday market was bottled a few hours before (Sometimes 20mins before, we like to cut it fine)! And in the cow THAT MORNING!


If you leave the milk unopened in the fridge for a few days you will notice the cream layer doing its thing. If you open if that day - it’s unlikely the cream layer will do that ‘stick-around-the-lid’ thing. So, yes, we have changed things slightly but can absolutely guarantee the milk is from the same cows, we’re still low temperature pasteurising and not homogenising the milk.

And as always – we really, really do appreciate the feedback. We always want to hear from you because otherwise we overlook the things we need to communicate with our clients. We’re still new at this whole ‘business’ thing and we’re easily distracted so please, please, please keep letting us know when you notice something! Drop us a line, ask us the question, email it, facebook it - just please feel free to ask it/say it and we WILL get back to you!

So – Spring! It’s here and we hope you enjoy all it has to offer! (And let us know what you think of the yoghurt!)