Small Business is.....

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on March 18, 2014
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Small Business is....

A few words come to mind - Challenging; Rewarding; Frustraing; Exhausting; Fulfilling...

What we are finding out along the way is that with the highest of high comes the lowest of lows. Nothing is entirely predictible, nor do we always get to call the shots. We have had some of the most rewarding experiences over the last few months - meeting consumers and hearing feedback about our products. We love what we are doing and are excited to see it grow and develop.

This doesn't mean that its all plain sailing. Last week, in particular, was a little demoralising.

Some of you may know that we have ordered a larger pasteuriser. This is a HUGE things for us and will change the way we do things - allowing us more time to do product development (Yoghurt anyone?) and less time in the processing room. It will also allow us to do the much anticipated 2L bottles for public sale (we do 2L but generally only for cafes and restaurants). We ordered the pasteuriser in Sept 2013 - It is being made in Italy and shipped to Australia. We we told Mid March delivery. Then late March....We rang them on Friday and were told early April.....fingers crossed.

We have also had a few teething problems sourcing a reliable manufactuer of bottles. One of the biggest problems is that we are so small, and can only store a certain number of pallets at one time. We have, in fact, been laughed at when we ask for a minimum order. We are also - 'a bit out of the way'. So when we do find a company that will manufacture a certain number of bottles, they then hit us with extra freight.

We thought we had this all sorted. Two weeks ago we placed our usual order. On Friday (when we were expecting the delivery) we received a call saying that no-one else had ordered that particular bottle so they hadn't MADE ANY, and they wouldn't be making any until another company had ordered some. We didn't even have time to be furious. Instead we did the frantic call around - always fun on a Friday afternoon - and managaned to find another company who had the bottles that we needed and could deliver them ASAP. Great!!! However, they don't have green lids in stock and the lids we already have won't fit. And the bottles won't be here till early next week.

No trouble! So, dear friends, we are doing things a bit different this week. Instead of having 1L bottles for sale at the markets - we will have 2L (as we have plenty of these in stock!) Also, when the new 1L bottles arrive they won't have Green Lids - They will have YELLOW!! (seriously limited colour options)
Do not panic - the Milk is exactly the same. We haven't made it skim, or added anything to it. It just has a different coloured lid for a little while and will be back in its regular packaging before you know it.

We thank you for your patience and hope you can laugh about it with us (Kel may not be laughing yet, but give him a few more days)

'Till next time....