About Us

cows'The Pines' has been in the Grey family since 1854, when the 180 hectare dairy farm was first established in Kiama. Unable to continue competing in the commercial dairy industry, the current generation has expanded into new ventures.

'The Pines' is a micro-dairy located in the rolling hills above Kiama. As 6th generation dairy farmers we believe the quality of our produce starts with what our cows eat – a natural pasture based diet that allows for seasonal variations. Our 28 Holstein cows are raised using sustainable, biodynamic farming practices with a huge emphasis on animal welfare and herd health. We start every cow by hand, milk twice a day and do everything on farm using minimal processing - slow speed pumps, low temp pasteurisation and packaging by hand. This means our milk is one of the best available in Australia, being a State Winner in the delicious. Produce awards for the last 2 years.

Our Natural Yoghurt is a traditional European Pot-Set Yoghurt – mild and creamy, using milk, live cultures and absolutely nothing else.

Our Artisan Gelato range is based on traditional flavours and quality local produce but with OUR milk as the main ingredient they all have an extremely creamy finish.

We're now venturing into the world of cheese making - where we want to celebrate the seasonal variations in our milk, allowing the different complexities of the pasture to be highlighted in the cheeses we produce.



kel dairy bwThe Pines' herd is made up of Holsteins from mainly Canadian blood lines. The herd is milked twice a day producing 30 litres (on average) and containing 4% butter fat and 3.2% protein (average).

The Pines recently switched to using only organic fertilizer and materials on the pasture and the cows eat a balanced diet of grass, hay and a small handful of grain to produce high quality, beautiful milk. We hand rear all our calves in a custom-built calf shed with twice daily feeding to ensure healthy growth and development. This one-on-one rearing technique means the calves are well handled and develop into calm natured animals suitable for close handling. The heifers (females) will eventually join our milking herd whilst the bulls (males) are either raised to be stud bulls or steered (castrated - humanely) and raised as beef steers.